New Moon Gathering

BeHot Yoga Studio

30 September 2016

The time of New Moon or Dark Moon, is a powerful time for new beginnings in which we and the universe are open to infinite possibilities.

The moon, as we view it from Earth, goes through regular cycles lasting about 29.5 days each. The cycle begins with New Moon, when the moon and sun are aligned in space and we cannot see the moon at all. From there, the moon waxes (increases) from a thin crescent to a half moon, and then into a full moon on the 14th-15th day. This waxing phase is symbolically a time of growth and expansion. "As above, so below" says the quote by Hermes, and while the moon is progressively brightening in the night sky, we feel a natural inclination to take action, increase our activity level, and move toward our goals.

The 14 to 15 day period from full moon back to New Moon is symbolically a time of waning (decreasing). The intense activity of the waxing moon is replaced by feelings that we want to rest, take a break, and reflect on how things are going. On the final day of the cycle, the moon goes dark again, and we prepare to begin a new time of growth.

Like many forces of nature, the moon dances in a beautiful rhythm as it expands, contracts, and circles back to the beginning to start anew. The seasons, the tides, our lives from birth to death to rebirth—all are cycles that surround and envelop us in all that we do.

During the New moon, when the night sky is dark, the old is passing away and the new has not yet arisen into being. This primal darkness is a space filled with immense power and potential, even though we cannot yet see anything. Creation always begins out of darkness, out of nothingness. We need to have faith in the birth of newness, in order to connect with the powers at the darkest time of the New Moon. Most importantly, do what speaks to you and resonates in your heart as having deep meaning for your life and your future.

JOIN US for a New Moon gathering at BeHot Yoga Studio we will sit and celebrate together on the evening of the September 30 New Moon, sharing and discussing what we each want for our future. You can write your intentions on paper if desired, or simply speak them. Each person can also have private intentions that they compose silently. There will be music and henna and StoreyLocks available to help connect with all of your intention and energetically bond you to the bliss of celebration. We will enjoy each others company, and look forward with optimism to our future. The collective will be full of light and strength and support!!

Henna provided with intention and ritual by franki a local ayurvedic practitioner and energy worker and her gifted support artist SethDaniel. (tarot readings also available as schedule allows)

StoreyLocks provided by artisans charli and nani

Music provided by bash and nico aka Sound and Stone